5 Tips For Balancing Your Side Hustle With Your 9-5


As of July 2017, more than 44 million Americans are working a side hustleand in my personal opinion, that number is just going to keep on growing.

A majority of side-hustlers are between the ages of 18-26, and 36% of them are earning more than $500 per month. If you fall into this category, you know that building and maintaining a successful side hustle in addition to starting or growing a full-time career is not for the faint of heart.

People start side hustles for all sorts of different reasons; to pay down their debt faster, to save up for a large purchase, as an exit strategy from their corporate career, or even just because they love the hustle.

Whatever your reason might be, I commend you. It take serious time, effort, dedication, and heart to make the sacrifices necessary to make your side hustle work, and it’s definitely not always easy.

Throughout my dual-career-tenure as a full-time web designer for an online retailer, and a solopreneur side-hustler running my own branding and web design business, I’ve learned a thing or two about balance and today I’m here to share with you my 5 Tips For Balancing Your Side Hustle With Your 9-5.

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