your brand is so much more than
just a pretty logo


Hey! I’m Morgan

As the Chief Brand Strategist at Specht & Co., I specialize in helping businesses faced with huge opportunities find resourceful, efficient ways to communicate so they can make their statement with ease.

I believe that design is all about storytelling. If you pay close attention to how you’re expressing your company's heart, soul, and vision through your visuals, you’ll discover all the ways where you and your ideal clients and customers will be able to connect and grow together.

When I’m not elbows deep in my latest branding project, you can typically find me exploring a new outdoor spot with my two sweet pups, cuddled up in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book, or road-tripping around the Pacific Northwest with my Husband.

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"Morgan's work was beyond our expectations. Our business has listened to so much positive feedback about our new branding!"

-Heather Casey
Peak State Fit


Now let’s talk about you . . .

You’re a small business owner - a maker, a do-er, an adventurer, a passionate creative soul trying to forge your path in the world and spread some good along the way.

I don’t need to tell you that you’re probably wearing a LOT of hats - CEO, product developer, book-keeper, marketer, post-office-runner, break room snack coordinator..the list goes on and on.

Now let me ask you - how do you feel about being a graphic designer?

As the ambitious “I-can-do-it-all-myself-er” that I know you are (because I am too!), are you actively trying to convince yourself that. . .

  • The brand you’ve got is fine

  • You’ll revamp later “when things slow down”

  • You can just design something yourself. . . it will be fast!

If so, I totally get it.

Because I was Just. Like. You.

I bet you are probably lacking confidence in your visuals, wondering if you’re losing out on clients because you don’t look “pro” enough, scrambling to write down your contact info for a potential sale because you don’t have business cards you’re proud of.

I’ve been there too. Even though my business was young, I decided in early 2017 that it was time to build a brand I was proud of. A brand that I wanted to scream about from the tops of the highest mountains. A brand that felt like me, and also a brand I could grow with.

I put my own methods that I had been using for my clients to the test. I researched, planned, and executed a visual brand identity for my own business that I was happy to wake up and share with the universe every day and it made a WORLD of difference in my life and in the success of my business.

I know exactly what it feels like to feel stuck in the “I have to do all the things” whirlwind and I’m here to help ease the pressure of #smallbizlife by making sure...

You don’t also have to wear the designer and brand strategist hat

We will work together to create a beautifully branded, cohesive visual story that makes an impact that words can’t quite capture alone. I’ll act as your “remote in-house designer” as I create and direct your brand strategy.  As part of YOUR team, I’m determined to help you succeed and achieve your big goals.

Curious how we can help?